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Loss of a loved one, exiting an abusive relationship, broken trust, infidelity, abandonment, victim of sexual abuse or trauma, loss of friendships, job loss, bankruptcy, depression, anxiety, fears, loss of identity, or divorce, schedule your free 30 min consultation with Cori to see if the 4 week Transition Package is right for you. You can do that by calling/texing the office at 480-330-4577 or scheduling online by clicking here. And for more information about the 4 week Transition Package, see below:


What does a package include:

At the beginning of each week you will enjoy a 45 minute intuitive talk therapy session with Cori who is a medical medium, intuitive, detox expert and hypnohterapist. This session is to assist you in identifying what you would like to bring into your life (every session will bring up different action items that you are ready to work through).  When we uncover what it is that you want to create, then we will find what it is that is blocking you from having that now. When the blocks are identified, then we transition into the hypnotherapy office where you will receive a 30-40 min. personalized guided meditation, sound healing or hypnotherapy session to help release the guilt, shame, resentment, anger, fear, frustration or any other blocks and move you into an empowered state by opening your consciousness to the person you know you are and are actively creating in your life.  This will help clear the heaviness of the pain off your body and provide you with a greater sense of peace and relaxation.  

During the later part of the week you will come back into the office to move the physical blocks. Often when you are in transition your body is under a tremendous amount of stress. This physical detox will help encourage your body to ‘let go’. You will receive 1 Infrared Sauna Sweat and Colon hydrotherapy. The infrared sauna is a special hot sauna where you will release up to 60% more toxins than any other way of sweating and burn 400-600 calories. During your colon hydrotherapy session, your body will release the stagnant fecal material while supporting the rest of your body to move and let go. With each bowel movement, your entire digestive tract moves supporting a deeper cleanse. And finally, with each session with Cori, you will get an added support for your diet and nutrition.  By increasing a healthy diet will help support the body to keep detoxifying and letting go even when you are not in the office. When you body goes through a tremendous amount of stress, it uses extra resources that have been stored in your body. Often if your body is not previously balanced, the intense stress of transition will create a deficiency and can create more physical health health issues if not addressed properly. Cori is an expert in nutritional support during a stressful time.

Here is a quick overview of the 4 weeks: The beginning of the week receive 1 therapeutic talk therapy session and hypnotherapy session. At the end of the week receive an infrared sauna sweat and colon hydrotherapy session. This will regimen will be repeated for 4 weeks. Package Pricing

$848 (reg $1060)

*all supplements purchased at an additional cost.

To schedule your free 30 min consultation click here: Make Appointment Now 

If you have any questions, I am always here to help.  You can contact me directly at 480-330-4577

All packages must be paid in advance to receive the discounted rates.  Packages are non transferable or refundable.  Clients have 12 months to use each service.  Services can not be exchanged for another service.