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Rejuvenation Package

Rejuvination packages

Death and rebirth is apart of life, but that doesn't make it any easier.   So often we go through difficult situations that are so traumatic to our minds body and soul, it is like a piece of us actually dies.  These major events in our lives are those that uncover many things about ourselves.  The trauma is so altering to your normal existence that it completely changes you.  Often we feel as tho these events change us and not in a good way.  They make us more detached, untrusting, ungrateful, angry, resentful, and the list can go on and on.  Death of a loved one or losing a loved one is one of the biggest souls growth and expansion periods.  It is a time when we literally die with them.  We break into millions of pieces and we are left shattered.  But as we slowly move through the days after loosing someone, eventually we begin to put ourselves back.  Piece by piece.  And with every piece (this is where the healing comes in) we take time to identify each piece and say yes, I am going to keep that or no, it’s time to let that piece of myself go.  So that when we put ourselves back together, we are no longer the same person. 


Support during this time is crucial.  We need someone there to hold our hand and help us to continue to fight.  Fight for our lives, fight for our loved ones and fight for another day.  


I am here for you.  As many of my clients have noticed, I have been through a lot.  And when you can lean on someone who is strong, grounded and has been there, you can lean on their hope to know that one day, you will move through the pain and begin to see the light again.  


I have created packages to hold your hand and help you through the toughest parts of your life. You can choose between a 4 or 6 week program for:

Loss of a loved one


Exiting an abusive relationship


Job loss


Broken Trust




Victim of sexual abuse or trauma


Loss of friendships




Depression, Anxiety or other mood disorders


Fears and phobias


Loss of identity




End of a relationship



What does a package include:

Each week will consist of a 1 hour support session (identify what is the primary area to focus on for the week and identifying gentle ways to help you work through it).  1 hour personalized guided meditation, sound healing or hypnotherapy session.  This will help clear the heaviness of the pain off your body and provide you with a greater sense of peace and relaxation.  1 Infrared Sauna Sweat; you will release up to 60% more toxins than any other way of sweating and burn 400-600 calories, 1 Colon hydrotherapy session; this helps to expel any physical blockages that your body is holding on to.  1 recorded meditation; this can be used nightly to help bring your body back to balance leaving you rested or helping your body to relax so that you can get restful sleep.  And finally diet and nutritional support.  When you body goes through a tremendous amount of stress, it will need nutritional support to help keep it balanced and healthy.  Which is a total of 4 hypnotherapy sessions, 4 infrared sauna treatments, 4 colon hydrotherapy sessions, 4 sleep meditation and diet and nutritional support.  

*all supplements purchased at an additional cost.  


If you have any questions, I am always here to help.  You can contact me directly at 480-330-4577.



Investment Cost:


4 week package:  $870   (reg. $1160)




All packages must be paid in advance to receive the discounted rates.  Packages are non transferable or refundable.  Clients have 12 months to use each service.  Services can not be exchanged for another service.