EST 2004





Initial Consultation and Session (2 hour/ 35 min on the table)    $95.00

Individual Session    (60 min/ 35 min on the table)            $75.00

Package Prices for Payment in Advance

A series is a commitment to you and your health!

4 sessions                                 $280

6 sessions                                $375

Series must be used within one year.

No Refunds Are Available with Series

Series are non-transferable

Additional Policies

24 hour cancellation is required for any appointment

 or you are charged for the full amount.

$50.00 return check fee



Infrared sauna

During the first session you will fill out a health questionnaire and you will sweat for 30 min.  It is suggested that highest temperature only gets to 114-118.  Clients must come well hydrated as well.  

Single Session: $35

Package of 4: $120

Package of 6: $150

Guided Meditation

Coming Soon