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Are you going through transition? Feeling out of balance? Having a difficult time making decisions? Needing support? Here at Holistic Waters, we understand and we have the perfect package for you!


Are you going through a PIVOTAL moment in your life? Loss of a loved one, job loss, career change, break up, a move, feeling stuck, metal or spiritual instability, feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, difficult time making decisions, a deep sense that you’re ready for a change but don’t know where to begin?

Do you notice that when you talk to you your friends about your life that you often feel empty eyes staring back at you?

I have been there…and I didn’t know where to turn except inward and hide in my home. I wish I had someone next to me that knew my pain, heard and felt the emptiness that I felt inside and knew how to hold my hand through it.

Cori specializes in therapies that go beyond talk therapy and can support you through your pain in a whole different way.

Do you believe that we have the power to control the stories that keep repeating in our minds? Have you ever tried the ‘think positive’ only to notice that it didn’t pull you out of depression or a state of anxiety? It is because the subconscious still carries the stories of trauma and tries to keep you safe by creating barriers of protection. So when you are consciously thinking positive, your subconscious is still on repeat with old stories of protection often leaving you feeling stuck.

Think of the brain like a computer. Everything that you have on your screen is your conscious mind. And all the software operating behind the scenes are the subconscious mind. You need it in order to operate the computer. But the software running behind the scenes needs constant upgrades in order to keep the computer operating efficiently. It also needs files to be deleted so the hardware can work more efficiently. Hypnotherapy is just that. It is the process of calming all the programs and allowing the deeper subconscious to go through the hard drive and detect which softwares need to be upgraded and which need to be deleted. When you experience the ability to ‘reprogram’ your conscious and subconscious mind, that is when the positive thinking really begins to work…this is because there isn’t subconscious programs overriding all the beautiful things you are thinking and trying to create in your life.

So how does hypnosis help those who are going through transition you might ask? Hypnosis helps to identify repeating stories in the subconscious mind and replace them with what it is that you believe today. You might have believed those stories years ago, but the older you get, you grow out of those and are ready for an upgraded story.

Cori has created a 4 week program to support any client in transition. This program has proven to help clients gain clarity when making decisions, boosted self esteem, remove blocks that have been holding them back, reconnecting them to their personal spiritual practice, release depression and anxiety and it has also helps to heal hearts that have lost loved ones.

In order to get started, begin by setting up a free 30 min consultation with Cori by calling/texting her directly or setting an online appointment by clicking here.