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Many of us have a difficult time letting go of our days so as soon as we lay our heads onto our pillows, our minds begin to race. Meditation is a beautiful way to keep your brain focused on something positive while leaving out all the clutter of the day! Before you start, here are 3 steps to make your sleep meditation even more successful:

  1.  Take a minute to write down everything on your plate and what goals you'd like to achieve tomorrow. (By doing this helps the mind to be able to let go because it trusts that the paper of todos will be there when you wake up and you won’t forget to do something).

  2. Do your regular nightly routine and set up your bed so that it is super comfortable. This meditation is primarily focused on calming the monkey mind and gently getting you into a beautiful sleep state.

  3. Begin aromatherapy. Set up for favorite essential oils to help your nervous system to relax even more.


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You did it! I’d love to know how your sleep improves! And to even take it to the next level, be on the look out for more meditations coming soon!

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