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Emotional Detox

Emotional detox

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Our entire emotional center is located in our guts.  It is where we navigate our 'gut feelings'.  But so often we don't realize that when we begin a detox, we are detoxing much more.  Toxins bind to physical cells and with in these cells bind emotion.  And when we let go of the physical toxin, the emotional toxin has no where to go but out.  And when I mean out, I mean that it comes to the surface to feeeeeeel it.  Because when you actually sit and feel an emotion and be present with it.  It gives you the power to decide if that emotion is healthy for you.  If it is, GREAT!  Keep it!  But if it brings up emotions that make you feel limited or small, then it becomes your choice to stuff it again or surrender it and completely release it.  

We at Holistic Waters are trained to support all clients detoxing physical toxins or emotional.  We will hold your hand until you feel balanced again.  The detox process can become intense due to the emotions that may come up.  But if you are in a loving and supportive environment, you can conquer anything!  And when you begin to let go of emotions that have been buried, the true healing journey begins.