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Holistic Waters was founded by Cori Roberts; an ASU graduate, certified colon hydrotherapist, in August of 2004.   Holistic Waters started as a hobby for Cori, as a stay at home mom, which soon turned into her passion of helping individuals reach their personal health goals by empowering and educating them with the most current health information.

Our mission at Holistic Waters is to create a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment for our clients by offering outstanding treatments and educational classes that will enhance our client's ability to experience deep relaxation throughout ones mind, body and spirit. Ultimately enhancing and improving their overall natural state of being.

Cori's personal goal is to continue to incorporate the most current research on natural health, nutrition, detoxification, emotional and spiritual health and create new and better programs/ treatments for every individual.



I chose this picture of me and one of my favorite musician, Joshua Radin, because it says so much about who I am.  I am an artist, I love music and I love to be adventuresome.  I think these are all key points to Holistic Waters because I come from a very different view point on detoxification.  I believe it is for us to find the perfect balance that fits exactly who we are.  Which means...there is no magic detox regimen.  It is best when it is customizable to who you are and how your body responds to different elements.  

My name is Cori Roberts, and I opened Holistic Waters in August of 2004.  Over the years I have tried countless detox programs and when you come in to see me, you get a free consultation with each session.  We talk and figure out what is working, what's not and what are some new things to try.  I love each and every one of my clients, as many of them have become very dear friends of mine.  We've cried together, we've laughed and we have cheered all the milestones reached!  

Many people ask me how I got into colon hydrotherapy and in my simplest response...it was a God thing.  I didn't know why when I first started, but over the years, oh my gosh...I don't know what I would do with out Holistic Waters.  It has taught me so much about health, relationships and life in general.  

I know colon hydrotherapy or hypnotherapy can look scary on the outside, but I promise, it will change you.  And I will be here with you the whole way! 

If you're like me and want a bit more information about who you're coming in to see, you can find me on Facebook