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5 Facts About Colon Hydrotherapy

  1. Relieves Constipation
  2. Gentle and Painless
  3. The rectal tube is flexible and small
  4. Reduces stored toxins in the body
  5. Our facility is clean, private and extremely professional

Our Machine

Here at Holistic Waters, we use a machine that is legal to use with out a prescription.  You will have full control and complete privacy.  You, the client, will do your own insertion and turn on the water (our water is highly purified with an extensive filtration system).  

Our system is designed to provide a space of tranquility as you cleanse and let go of all things you no longer need to hold on to.  We are here to support your physical, emotional and spiritual healing experience.  As you detox and 'let go', emotions will more than likely surface and you will be completely supported.  We are here for you.

What will my first session be like? 

The initial session will run about 2 hours long.  You will fill out a health questionnaire and I will answer any question that you may have.  When ready, I will verbally teach you how to administer the rectal tip yourself.   It is very simple.  It is a flexible tube the size of a pencil that will only go into the rectum about an inch.  When you are ready, I will leave the room and you will get yourself onto the table, insert the tube and call me back into the room.  I will come in and help assist you through the first few fills and releases.  Once you are comfortable with the process I will give you your privacy, and leave the room.  At any time you can call me back into the room with a walkie-talkie that is provided.   Your cleanse will last 35 minutes.

Many clients ask: How many session does one need? 

The number of sessions is determined by the colon's response to the first few session and your health goals. I offer individual sessions or packages of 4 or 6. 

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