Cleansing Your Power Center / by Cori Roberts

Cleansing Your Power Center
Trusting Your Gut

Gut feelings are vital to our every day existence.  They help guide us to making good choices or running from bad choices.  I believe the more we listen to our guts, the happier and more balanced we will be.

Our gut resides in the solar plexus, the third chakra, just above your belly button. When it is functioning well, we can trust its guidance and adjust our actions accordingly. Many of us have a tendency to hold in this area of our bodies. One sure sign that our solar plexus is out of balance is shallow breathing.  When we breathe shallow breaths, the energy from the breath never reaches this vital nexus that is the source of our empowerment. When our solar plexus is balanced we find more courage to act and create change. When our solar plexus is out of balance we are breathing shallow, we are timid and out of sync. This can leave us in situations where we end up wishing we had said something we were only able to articulate later when we were alone; wishing we had acted on an opportunity we didn't see until it was already gone.

The solar plexus is also the midpoint of your colon.  This is where absorption of vitamin K happens.  When this area is not running properly, not only are there emotional issues, but also there are also physical issues.  The colon can become sluggish or speed up; depending on the individual.  Either way, your body may be absorbing more toxins from a stagnant colon or not getting enough nutrition from a speedy colon. 

So how do you get the ‘Power Center’ balanced?  You can do this with Yoga, breath work, exercise and/or colon hydrotherapy.  Colon hydrotherapy is an important way to get stagnant energy and fecal material moving and opening your entire body for letting go of toxins and rebalancing itself.

Here is a simple exercise you can do at home to reactivate and balance the solar plexus.  Begin by taking a deep 4 count breath filling your naval area.  Hold for four counts, open your mouth and exhale for four counts.  When your breath is all out, check your solar plexus and make sure it’s squeezed in towards your spine and hold for a count of four.  Do this activity four times and you will feel a huge energy shift and balancing effect. This is called the 4 square healing breath.

Remember, the more balanced your gut is, the more balanced your life is.