The Greater Understanding to Becoming Healthy: Why Hasn’t it Worked For Me? / by Cori Roberts

People ask me all the time; “how do I start feeling better today?” I’ll share my thoughts.  First of all, everyone’s biochemistry is completely different; just like your fingerprint, no one is the same.  Many believe that health is a quick fix; that it should be cured by a pill or a simple home remedy but in all is a process. Your health isn’t something to cure, it requires lifestyle changes. 


Where do you begin?  If you’ve been having abnormal symptoms that are causing you discomfort; you’ll inevitably start doing research. You begin by reading books, articles, and blogs; absorbing all the new ways to get healthy and simply feel better. Soon you find are on information overload and still do not know where to begin. Perhaps you start to relate to a heath guru; his or her story sounds just like yours. You dive in and use his/her heath regimen like it was your Bible.  You work so hard, you’re focused, you’re try it for a week...maybe two, but then you get discouraged because you’re not seeing the results that he/she was at that time. Discouraged; you quit and you start all over; with thoughts that nothing works.  Why did it work for them and not you?


Your health is both personal and complex.  When you challenge your beliefs that it should be a “quick fix” and start to understand that ‘it’s a journey’, your life will begin to change. There is no simple way to instantly feel perfect.  Your health is a series of trials and errors.  It is mountains of success and valleys of delays.  Through this process, it is about you learning who you are.  You are made up of unique cells, enzymes, hormones, and chemicals that are unique to YOU and only YOU.  This is why health regimens that work for one person don’t always work for the next. Although, I believe it is still important to try them to find what WILL work. Every time you try something new, you learn and grow from each time you try. 


I believe that the journey to health is vital for many reasons.  If you start to view your health as a tool; a tool for you to grow, to learn and become more attune with your body; it will open doors for you to remain more present, more confident and more conscious of the world around you.  The truth is, when you devote more time to your health, ultimately you are devoting more time to you.  What can be more healing than taking time for you?  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s a great reminder to realize that you are most helpful to others when you are healthy yourself.


Take an airplane example as a metaphor; the flight attendant instructs you to put on your oxygen mask before anyone else first.  As parents our first reaction would be... “no way, my kids health is more important than mine” believing that you should put your child’s oxygen mask on first. Although, if you went with your parental instinct you’d end up holding your breath, running out of air, scrambling to get the mask on  and risking the chance of passing out before ensuring your children(s) masks are secure. What would happen to your other children?  Scary thought, but it proves that point that in order to help others; you should take of yourself and your health first and foremost. The more you take care of yourself, the more productive and helpful you can be to the people around you. It’s mind-blowing when you begin to believe that your health is that important but I assure you that taking time to rebuild yourself is vital.


I challenge you to choose you, choose your health, not just for you, but for the loved ones around you.  Being healthy is vital so you can be vibrant and full of life to help others around you.  In order to ensure you’ll be healthy for the long haul; you have to take the time now to start your process to rebuild your health. 


When you begin your journey, you will stumble, and perhaps you will realize that your health guru might not be the one that serves you today... or maybe he/she does but 6 months down the road he/she might not.  Your health journey is ever evolving.  Remember when you do fall and you feel like you have to start all over, just take the lessons learned and move on to the next trial. Each thing you try is a blessing; if it works or not. It’s similar to peeling the layers of an onion. Let’s say you try four different things that you have seen some success with and you have peeled 4 layers to your onion, then the fifth thing you try sets you back and you feel awful, but when you look at your onion, you’re not who you were when you started.  You have already evolved.  You will never be the same as soon as you start.  Just keep slowly trying new things and when that thing you tried no longer works...that means you are ready to peel another layer off and try again.  It’s all growth for the final goal of reaching the core of the onion or the root to your health issue.  It’s really such a beautiful process when viewed positively. Your process with be smoother and filled with more grace; thus creating a happier and more fulfilled life.


Happy learning, happy exploring, happy journey to your health,